Review of The Art Model’s Handbook
by Steve Armes
With the increasing interest in figure drawing, it is important for models to have resources to help them excel in the practice of becoming a figure model. Andrew Cahner has given us an important one with his The Art Model’s Handbook: The naked Truth about Posing for Art Classes and Fine Artists, 2009. I read the book carefully and showed it to a couple of models, and we were impressed with the clarity and scope of it. From his vantage point as a serious professional, Cahner covers what aspiring and experienced models need to know to be successful. From my standpoint as an artist, I would love to see more models read this book and apply its instruction. The material is clear, interesting and thorough. There are several interviews with experienced models, as well as guidelines for conduct, self promotion and what models should bring. Many would-be figure models are intimidated by the unknown aspects of a gig, and as a result, we who seek good models are deprived due to that reluctance. Cahner has bridged the gap of the unknown with his book. It is highly recommended and very affordable. For more information, visit Art Model Handbook