This is a site to aid models and artists in the great tradition of painting, drawing or sculpting from life.

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The 2010 DFW Art Models Workshop went over very well.
Dallas Artist Models Workshop
Art Models Workshop
DFW Art Models is hosted a Models Workshop. Between 30 to 35 Models and artists showed up, (mostly models).

Topics For the Event were:

  • • Free professional head shot for models before and after the workshop.
  • • Demonstration on dynamic modeling.
  • • Lighting the model.
  • • Proper behavior for artists and models.
  • • Working with life groups.
  • • working with photo shoots.
  • • Question and answer time.
  • • Socializing, snacks and more.
Big Thanks To:

Maryann McBreen, Darrin Miller, and Paul Labadie for the posing demonstration.

Danielle Sutterfield,Maryann McBreen, and Dave Kramer for the panel discussion.

Cedars Art Gallery For the use of their space.

Art Model’s Handbook
Art Model Handbook
Book Review
A couple months ago I received an email from, Andrew Cahner, the author of "The Art Model’s Handbook". He said that he had mentioned in his book and wanted to give me a copy. I gave my copy of the book to Steve Armes so he can write a review on it.

Click Here To Read Steve's Review

Live Draw ~ October 16th 2008
Dallas life models

This years Live Draw!™ for AFC (Arts Fighting Cancer), Went over well!

To see photos click on image

Release Form

(as talked about in the Art Models Workshop)
Here is a release for for artists and artists models to use when doing a photo shoot for reference.
Click Here To Read and Print Out Release Form

Web Sites for artists

Pro Gallery
The best image site for professionals

The best personal web site ever created for artists, and for anyone needing an image gallery site. Pro Gallery helps promote your work and gives you total control of your very own site, with easy-to-use image uploading and information management tools.
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Dallas Photo Models
DFW Photo Models is a sister site for models and photographers. Check it out.

Dallas life drawing video

Movie Download
Life painting class at the Creative Art Center format
(2.9 mb file)

If your life drawing group has a web ready movie please send it to me.

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